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Where to buy Argentine Tango Shoes:
In Town –
San Francisco Dancewear

Felina / Markela Manesis

Carlitos Shoes / Marcelo Solis

On-line –
Tango Splash / Yolanda Rossi

Mr. Tango Shoes / Jorge Nel Designs

Tango Books
(most available at

The Tao of Tango by Johanna Siegmann

Tango!: The Dance, the Song, the Story by Artemis Cooper, Maria Susana Azzi, Richard Martin, and
Simon Collier

The Temptation to Tango: Journeys of Intimacy and Desire by Larry M. Sawyer and Irene D. Thomas

Paper Tangos by J. M. Taylor

Tango by Pieiller

The Argentine Tango As Social History by Donald S. Castro

Tango: The Structure of the Dance by Mauricio Castro and Daniel Truco

Le Grand Tango: The Life and Music of Astor Piazzolla by Maria Susana Azzi and Simon Collier

Tango: A History of Obsession by Virginia Gift

Tango: The Art History of Love by Robert Farris Thompson

Tango Movies! (most are available from

The Tango Lesson by filmaker Sally Potter
Tango Bar, 1988 film starring Raul Julia
Tango The Obsession by Adam Boucher
Tango, A film by Carlos Saura